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Rain boots, formerly renowned as rubber wellies, are typically made of rubber with from its inner soles to outer soles. With the advent of technology and more innovative ideas, there are now a number of rain boots that do not only offer protection to your feet but also style and comfort even for the entire rainy day, and Capelli Rain Boots know exactly how to deliver such functions.    

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Capelli Rain Boots are always known for its collection of cool, comfortable, and durable rain boots that are made of genuine rubber with a glossy finish and furnished with cool and colorful prints that provide rainbows even during the gloomy days. Capelli Rain Boots is also known as Capelli New York Rain Boots whose records date back to 1990 and is based in New York City. Its product line include hosiery, footwear, sleepwear, home fashion, novelty gifts and of course, its infamous rain boots. Capelli is known worldwide, from its show houses in China, United States, Europe, and Asia. The company is also known for its buy-and-sell offices in Shanghai and Hongkong. In addition to that, the company is also celebrated for its consistency, functionality, and depth that it maintains to achieve its goal and such features can be seen even in their rain boots.

Capelli rain boots usually cater to women and kids. The boots are offered in different heights from ankle boots, mid calf, and knee high. Furthermore, you can also get to slip into some more stylish finds from Capelli with their banded sides or 3 straps sides. Added to that, you can also get to experience being a cowboy during the wet season in their cowboy style rain boots. Women rain boots are typically made available with chic and patterned prints that all exude simple elegance wherever women wear them. You can get to look simply chic in their 3 Strap 1722 which comes in bold black color, featuring flexible rubber soles, soft fabric lining, and is adorned with decorative side straps with silver rivets. On the other hand, if you want to look hot under the rain, then you ought to try out their rain boots in leopard prints or their metallic inspired collections with animal prints. The Capelli Leopard Rain Boots is available in ankle high, with an adjustable side strap, 10 inch shaft and a flexible rubber sole. Meanwhile, if you want posh and boldness combined, go for the Capelli New York Matte collection. The items are all featured with knee high boots, 1 inch heel, 13 inches shaft and 14 inches circumference opening. Equipped with adjustable straps, soft fabric lining, and flexible sole, the collection is all about comfort and simplicity. On the other hand, show your nationalism and patriotism to America or to Britain with their 2237 with the American flag prints and the 2236 with the British flag prints. All of the said boots are equipped with adjustable side straps, rubber soles, and soft lining that all offer comfort and appeal to your look. Your kids too can get to enjoy getting wet in style with the Capelli rain boot for kid’s collection. Available in ankle lengths and polished with cute prints and playful prints of either polka dots, military prints, or multicolored ones. The collection is typically equipped with adjustable side straps for that perfect fit. Meanwhile, your girly girl can still come to school with style even during the gloomy season in a Capelli Hearts and Dots Wedge Rain Boot collection. You can also get your active tot to slip in a Capelli New York Kids Space Chase collection.

Indeed there is always a Capelli for every mommy and kiddo in town. For only $30 and above for women’s boots and $13 and above for kiddie boots, you can now protect yourself and your little ones against dirty feet and muddy legs during the gloomy days.